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House Fire Controlled in Sycamore Canyon

Power surge appears to be the cause

Sycamore Canyon Fire

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A fallen tree, that took out power lines appears to have a connection with a house fire in the Sycamore Canyon area of Santa Barbara Monday.

The tree was on Sycamore Canyon Road, which backs up to houses on Circle Drive.  One of those homes immediately had smoke coming out of the garage after the tree came down into the power lines.

Investigators believe there may have been a power surge that overheated the lines.

Fire crews were called from Montecito, which is the closest station, along with engines coming from the Santa Barbara City Fire Department.

The garage was on fire when they arrived but the flames were quickly controlled with an attack from the inside and firefighters opening the roof on top to ventilate.

No one was hurt.

Edison crews were called to restore power after several homes were knocked into darkness.

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