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Homeless Camp Cleanup Continues Along Freeway

Montecito site among those on a CalTrans list

Homeless Camps Cleaned Up

Montecito, Calif. - A homeless camp in Montecito was the latest target for CalTrans crews cleaning up trash filled areas along Highway 101.

Some of those living in the camp, which included a two burning propane stove and a shanty shack, were allowed to get their belongings and leave.

CalTrans has been in several other areas in the last two weeks from Santa Barbara to Carpinteria.

NewsChannel 3 visited this area a few weeks ago in a story to find out more about why small fires were starting near the highway.

Investigators say some are linked to homeless warming fires and camps.

The Montecito site did not have signs of camp fires, but one person there said he lived in that location five years, and was not responsible for out of control fires.

Despite the cleanup efforts on state property, there was a fence line and large amounts of debris were still in the area on the railroad side of the site.

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