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Home surveillance video captures Thomas Firefighters protecting home, cleaning up ash

Homeowner says she is eternally grateful

Surveillance camera catches firefighters in action

MONTECITO, Calif. - A home surveillance camera in Montectio captured some firefighters in action.

Maire Radis owns a home on Toro Canyon Road and was evacuated last week as flames threatened her property.

She returned Friday for the first time and was overjoyed to see her home still standing -- virtually untouched by the Thomas Fire.

"When we saw that fire coming and the intensity of it and knowing the dryness around here, we didn't think there was any chance the house would survive," Radis said.

Radis has several surveillance cameras around her property. Once the power came back on, she was able to access the video remotely. She was stunned by what she saw.

"Not only did we see the house was still standing, we were able to see these incredible firemen watering the plants and hosing down the patio. my heart just about burst with gratitude seeing that," she said.

The flames came within feet of her home, but firefighters were able to save it.

Radis said she is eternally grateful for all of the firefighter's hard work and dedication.

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