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Heavy Drizzle Doesn't Drown the Drought but Does Cause Many Highway Problems

Others enjoy the rain and look to the skies for more

Messy Storm Comes Through

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Messy streets and lightly watered hills is about all we have to show for the first wave of weather coming through this weekend.

There were some highway crashes on the soaked and oily roads, including a car into the creek northbound on Highway 101 at Gaviota leaving a driver trapped inside until rescue crews arrived.    Later in the morning there was a rollover in just about the same spot going southbound.  

Three accidents took place on San Marcos Pass by mid day including a car over the side near Painted Cave Road.  No major injuries were reported.

Those looking to the skies for some kind of drought relief said they were hoping for more than what's come down so far in the form of very light rain.

One person was especially concerned about the cost of the prolonged drought.

"The water bill has been striking on up  -  at least double. I hope Mother Nature brings more rain so we can get that down," said  Armando Morales on a break from his downtown job.

Umbrellas were out on State Street but not for everyone.

    Tom Fryer was zipped up to his chin in a jacket but said "rain yea lovely rain. We should be thankful for God for this rain we need it."

Courtney Fox had light clothing on considering it was raining on State Street where she shopped with friends.  She looked up and smiled saying, Courtney Fox " It never rains you gotta embrace it."

As for our water supplies, Cachuma Lake is still about 85 percent below the spill gates at Bradbury Dam.

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