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Haskell's Beach Cleanup Will Clear the Area of Old Oil Pipes

Leftover wood beams, and metal from decades ago will be removed

Beach Storm Debris

GOLETA, Calif. - Haskell's Beach in Goleta will get a sweeping clean up Monday after a recent storm revealed old wood and pipes from decades ago.

The city worked out an emergency plan with the State Lands Commission and other agencies to begin work on an estimated $200,000 project.

Old rusty pipes and broke wood beams believed to be from leftover oil production projects years ago, were exposed after the March 1 storm scoured the beach and wiped out the sand.

That's created a safety hazard.

Citizens going by today said they were surprised at the hidden dangers under the sand and surf line.  They were pleased to hear the city was moving swiftly to cure the problems.

Eldon Cribbs spent years on the beach before moving to Orcutt.  He said, "I saw these pipes here but I never knew those were out there. That's pretty dangerous."

The beach is used by local residents and guests at Bacara Resort and Spa nearby.

"What scares me is those jagged pieces of metal from those old piers or something. Thats kind of scary. A lot of kids come down here -  little kids and they could get cut up," said resident Cindy Morales.

Work to clean up the area will take place starting Monday. Most of it will be done at low tide.

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