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Grocery Stores Congested Like Highways on Day Prior to Thanksgiving

Shoppers rush to get everything for the holiday meal

Grocery Store Congestion

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Shoppers trying to get their turkey dinners together for the Thanksgiving holiday found themselves as snarled as drivers on the highway.

Some began getting their menu items together Tuesday, but many were in the stores today and parking lots were jammed.

"I feel really good and I started early," said shopper Connie Feltch. "My family is coming in tonight, I expect to have a Happy Thanksgiving."

Another shopper came out of a store with a smile.  "It is one of the busiest shopping days. I went through the shortest lines. It was a good shopping experience they asked about our Thanksgiving and I said it was great," said  Bob Dinga.

Some have ordered pre-made meals and they will pick them up tomorrow.

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