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Goleta Union schools could change head lice policy

Goleta School District debating changes in hair lice policy for students.

Goleta Union schools could change head lice policy

GOLETA, Calif. - Goleta Union School District is holding a board meeting to determine whether a change in the districts hair lice policy is needed.

The proposed lice plan is aimed at getting students back in class sooner. It would also change the notification process for parents.

Many parents and teachers feel the changes in the school lice policy will make it harder on parents to prevent and contain an outbreak.

Goleta Union has since changed some of the wording in the proposal to ease parents' worries. The district insists the new plan will have student back in class sooner once active hair lice is dead.

"We want to keep children in school and lower the stigma that happens for children when they are held out of school for many, many days," said Assistant Superintendent Margaret Saleh.

Medical experts said, if treated properly, lice can be killed immediately and students can be back in school without missing much class.

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