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Goleta sending letter to oppose fire crew cutback

County proposal may impact Goleta residents

Goleta sending letter to oppose fire crew cutback

GOLETA, Calif. - The Goleta City Council is sending a strongly worded letter to the county, opposing any staff cutback an Station 11.

The city had a contract with the Santa Barbara County Fire Department for services.

Station 11 is on Storke Road, and any cutback on staffing for the engine there would put additional pressure on the other fire crews in the Goleta Valley.

Mayor Roger Acevas says he was not told of this proposal in advance and found out about it through the media.  He is opposed to any cuts and says the valley is already under served with fire services.

Residents in nearby Isla Vista are also unhappy.  Thousands of young people attending UC Santa Barbara live there and often need fire services in emergency situations.   The area has calls for service ranging from structure fires to alcohol poisonings.

Recently during a party on Del Playa Drive a crowded balcony collapsed. The injuries at the scene required multiple emergency crews.

The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors will take up this budget item in June.

Goleta officials say they will be there in person to oppose any cuts.

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