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Goleta Pier Opens but Storm Damage Work Takes Place Soon

Walkway allows pedestrians and anglers to enjoy pier, despite piling issues

Goleta Pier Reopens

GOLETA, Calif. - The Goleta Beach Pier now has a walkway for pedestrians and anglers to get from end to end,around a problem spot, but more work will be required after the March 1 storm damage.

The pier was completely closed last week, but the Santa Barbara County Parks Department was able to work out a plan to have a walkway available on the side of the pier without significant issues.

In the next two months the pier will be upgraded with some new pilings and support beams.

Jeff Lindgren with the Park Department says work on the pier in a section over the sand was completed, but the area over the water is more difficult.

"After a storm like that, oh my goodness, you had to have some damage," said Dottie Genatone. She was with her Monday walking group and they visit the pier once a week.   

It's a very popular spot at a beach that has more than a million visitors a year.

"If you come here if you come here at six in the morning,  there's already people here walking and talking. You see a lot of tourists here too. A lot of parents with their children and  people with their dogs," said Gilbert Echavaria who fishes regularly.

Nearby fisherman Martin Tait was happy to see the pier open, because he goes there every day.  He says the he's rarely disappointed. "There's rock fish and bass and occasional sheephead. It's a good place,  one of the best piers in California (for fishing) actually," said Tait.

 The county says there still may be some closures off and on when the repairs to pilings and boards begin.

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