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Goleta Church Hosts Event To Help People Cope In Wake Of Isla Vista Tragedy

Psychologist: Tragedy can create new meaning in life

Goleta Church Hosts Event To Help People Cope In Wake Of Isl

GOLETA, Calif. - The Live Oak Unitarian Church in Goleta hosted an event to help members of the community come to terms with the Isla Vista Killings.

The tragedy that happened less than three weeks ago has had a lasting impact on many people.  On Friday May 23, three UCSB students were shot to death, three others were found stabbed to death in Elliot Rodger's Isla Vista apartment.  Other students were struck by Rodger's black BMW before deputies said the 22-year-old City College drop-out took his own life.

Congregation members said they wanted to invite people to share their feelings and their ideas.

Psychologist Jonathan Young offered some hints for dealing with tragedy and loss.

Dr. Young said bottling up your feelings won't prevent them from eventually rising to the top.

Young said it is important to let yourself feel your reactions and it's important to give yourself plenty of time and space to being the healing process.

Feelings of fear and sorrow are likely to follow the shock.

If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed or hopeless it may be time to consider getting professional help.

The church plans to host another meeting in a couple of weeks to talk about things the community can do in the wake of what happened last month.

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