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Goleta Beach Reopens but Cleanup Goes On

Two boats have to be removed

Goleta Beach Cleanup

GOLETA, Calif. - Goleta Beach has reopened after it was roughed up by a violent weekend storm. 

The county has put up an orange fence to protect the public from falling off a five foot drop where the sand eroded away near the grassy park.

Some special paths have been carved out to make it easier for visitors to get to the beach until the sand comes back.

Two boats are still going through the salvage process.   One was getting carved up this evening and hauled out.

The owners of a 32-foot boat that is now damaged and stuck near the parking lot says he is trying to take all the valuable metal off his vessel before he has it hauled to a recycling yard.

"I am going to see what I can salvage and give to people or sell," said Joe Herring. "The keel is salvageable, it's got a lot of lead. I will keep that from going into the environment."

The Beachside Bar-Cafe has recovered from a storm surge that filled part of the restaurant with water and sand.  Employees helped to shovel out the debris, remove the carpet and clean the restaurant.  The County Health Department gave it an approval to open Tuesday night and lunches and dinners are now coming to the tables once again.

"You had guys who were normally on the line in the kitchen shoveling sand and taking it to wheel barrows and dumping it so skip loaders could take it away," said Peggy Hardy with the Beachside.  "Everything's been cleaned up, and we are back in operating order. And the sun's out!"

Employees were pleased the restaurant made such a quick comeback so they can keep working.

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