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Goats Go Fundraising to Help With Fire Prevention

Donations could launch larger brush clearing effort

Goats Go Fundraising to Help With Fire Prevention

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Brush Goats 4 Hire has launched a unique fundraising effort to help prevent the start or spread of wildland fires.

The Buellton based business says it has been working with fire departments to map out 30 critical acres of land the goats can clear, if funding is found.

The donation project called Indie Go Go allows supporters to make contributions on line through "crowdfunding."  The goal is $50,000.

The goats have gained popularity in recent years when private property owners have brought them in to chew up grassy areas, and small bushes.   The finished project is a noticeable reduction in fire hazards.

"That just offers additional protection from fires for residents and the fire departments  to help stop fires from entering the city like the Jesusita and Tea Fires did," said Ian Newsam with BrushGoats 4 Hire. "Or it will give residents more time to evacuate, and that will save lives and hopefully property as well."

If you have more information or would like to help with the financial support you can log on at:

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