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Gaviota Pier Eyewitness Describes the Damage

Gaviota Pier Eyewitness Describes the Damage

SOLVANG, Calif. - Solvang resident Jack Crouch  saw it all unfold. He shot video of the Gaviota Pier moments before it collapsed.

When he arrived Saturday morning, Crouch said he heard the waves and swells would be high so he wanted to check it out.

Crouch said "There weren't big waves when we first got there."

When he and his daughter walked onto the pier, they noticed the pier was shaking. They were pretty close to all the action. Crouch said, "We started noticing the pier was shaking and swaying back and forth, so we left the pier."

He continued to film what he described as a violent and loud storm.

"I stayed for one more big set of waves and then we ran," he said, "It was kind of scary" Crouch added.

He and his daughter were on the pier just 10 minutes before a large portion collapsed.

"I'd say it was about 200 feet (that collapsed) from the hoist to the end. Normally that's where everyone fishes."

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