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Gas Pod Invention Increases Mileage in Santa Barbara Tests

Local businesses are seeing a difference on their vehicles and saving money on gas bills

Gas Pods

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - To get more mileage out of your engine, many people pour an additive from a can into the gas tank.  A local businessman has come up with an invention that appears to save gas and increase the efficiency of your vehicle.

The small plastic "Gas Pod" can be added to the back of your car with a magnet or an adhesive. It changes the air flow over the top of your vehicle and, with less drag, you get more mileage per tank of gas.  On most vehicles you will need nine to work the best, after months of testing.

It's been tried on vehicles in Santa Barbara at Ablitt's Cleaners and The Berry Man produce.  Employees say they are not filling up as much since the pods were attached.

"We looked at the numbers we did the math and it was right there in black and white," said Les Clark with The Berry Man.  "Now since then, one of my salesmen told me this morning he has absolutely noticed the difference, he's not filling up as often and he's noticed a difference."

The inventor Bob Evans say the KIA SUV's purchased by The Berry Man are perfect for the small pods to line up on the back lip above the window.  Gas mileage can increase from two to 17 percent depending on the vehicle and the type of driving you do.

"It is a phenominal product for when it comes down to the environment, and Santa Barbara the founder of Earth Day, if we can get five million cars in Southern California by next summer you can imagine the savings we can quantify." said Evans.

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