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Funk Zone Murals May be Last Ones on Mason St. Building

Three days of work now on display

Funk Zone Panels

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Artists spent the weekend on the Mason St. building in Santa Barbara's Funk Zone where freestyle art has been on display since 2009.  This time, however, it may be the last opportunity to create the public art gallery.

The 17 new panels could be the end of the line for this work.  The building is set to come down early next year.

There's never been a complaint from the owners, and the city has not stepped in to review the work.  It's been a unique display unlike anything seen in the often tightly controlled city when it comes to public art.

The latest group of artists, used their brushes and spray paint cans on their work.

The building is one block up from the beach, and the panels are on Mason and Helena Streets.

Local artists say the large scale works have become an attraction for tourists, photographers, and movie makers.

Slideshow: Funk Zone Murals May be Last Ones on Mason St. Building

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