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Funding Begins for Born Sharp Razor with a Five Year Life

Razor edge is sharpened after each shave

Self-Sharpening Razor

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - After years of development, the Born Sharp razor  is ready for your face, and the inventor says it will have a perfect blade for five years.

The razor sits in a self sharpening device when it is not in use.

After a shave, it goes through a two minute process to make sure the blade is consistent with each shave.

Steve Worthington with Born Sharp says the customer has several setting to choose from.  "Basically after somebody figures out what they want, they get that same shave every day for five years."

He also says the product eliminates the waste from "throw away" plastic razors.

There is also a "crowd funding" style effort underway for those who want to purchase the first blades when they are manufactured in early 2014.  That is through Indiegogo.

For more information on Born Sharp or the Indiegogo funding process log on to:

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