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Former day care provider wants probation cut short

Sylvia Vasquez has served half of her 10-year probation sentence

Sylvia Vasquez in court

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A former day care provider convicted of abusing her adopted children wants a judge to end her probation.

Sylvia Vasquez has served about half of her 10-year probation sentence and wants the rest cut short.

In 2007, Vasquez was found guilty of four felony counts of child endangerment after she abused her four adopted children by locking them in cages.

Vasquez has filed a motion to terminate her probation and to reduce the felony charge to a misdemeanor.

"In certain limited circumstances, judges allow that. In this instance, we will obviously oppose that and ask that she fulfill her full probationary period and certainly if she's seeking to have her case reduced from felony status to a misdemeanor status," said Ben Ladinig, deputy district attorney.

Vasquez was in court on Monday morning but the case was continued until March 4.

Even if her request to end her probation is granted, she will have to pay the remainder of the restitution money she owes her former adopted children. That amount is about $10,000.

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