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Foodbank needs more space and donations

Search for an additional storage site has begun

Foodbank Storage Needs

GOLETA VALLEY, Calif. - The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County has an on going need for donations, and a new need for more storage space.

At times, large donations come in and the Foodbank finds itself short on storage.

The organization is looking for any donated space of about 5000 square feet that it can use.

The need varies.

Executive Director Erik Talkin described other staples they can purchase with cash donations. "If we want to purchase something like rice, where the price fluctuates dramatically throughout the year, we could buy more and store it."

Without the additional storage, "we would have to turn down very large shipments," said Talkin. "And that would be a shame."

"If someone is out there with warehouse space sitting there for a little while, and they are waiting for the economic times to turn around for that space to suddenly be worth a lot of money, helping out the Foodbank would be a great way to do that."

For more information contact the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County at

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