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Fisherman hooks great white at Goleta Pier

Witnesses: Shark was 8-12 feet long

Fisherman hook great white

GOLETA, Calif. - A fisherman bit off more than he could chew Saturday evening when he reeled in what appeared to be a great white shark from Goleta Pier.

Spectators and fellow fisherman gathered around the man and his line as the shark surfaced and flopped in the water just below the pier's edge.

Multiple viewers sent in video of the encounter to our news desk, with some reporting that the shark was anywhere between 8 and 12 feet long.

We are told that the fisherman cut the shark loose once they could properly identify that it was indeed a white shark. White sharks are a protected species in the United States and the state of California.

Shark sightings have been popping up more frequently as summer continues. Residents are advised to follow all posted warnings and be aware of the carnivorous fish at all times.

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