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First Fiesta Food Brings Out Big Crowds

Some wait all year for this annual feast

First Food - Old Spanish Days

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.. - The first Fiesta food brought large crowds to the mercados again this afternoon for the beginning of what might be a four day feast for some of them.

Booths began cooking up a variety of menu items at 11 a.m.

Tortas, taquitos, tacos, churros, bacon wrapped hot dogs, enchiladas,  and pulled pork sandwiches were among the popular "first stops" for the big crowd that came through.

Some were downtown workers who make the Wednesday of Old Spanish Days a special stop where they meet local friends.

The De la Guerra Plaza mercado is one of the two located in the city during Fiesta. The other is a MacKenzie Park on Las Positas.    Both have performance stages featuring cultural bands and dancers during the day, then pop, rock and roll, country and teen bands round out the schedules.

Each mercado is packed with food booths and they are run by nonprofit organizations that rely on this income to help their annual budgets.  Some have changed their menus from last year, and added new attractive signs to draw hungry visitors to their windows.

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