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Firefighters Gear up for Wind Advisories

SANTA MARIA, Calif,. - Hot temperatures and winds are in the forecast for this week and firefighters are ready to respond.

In Santa Maria firefighters were loading their apparatus number three wth two weeks worth of gear, incase they get called out. That vehicle used in urban and mountain area fires.

Ed Hadfield, with the Santa Maria Fire Department said, "Wind driven fires have taken lives of numerous civilians and a number of firefighters nation wind."

The County of Santa Barbara is in a high wind warning, which is a high fire danger as well.


The winds could drive dangerous wildfire. "Our number one concern is loss of life and property, we have a lot of homes that are built in what we call the wild land interface, given that  they're built there the winds can drive a small fire into a very large fire driving them into those homes."


Firefighters are asking residents to be cautious with open flames and be more vigilant in their activities.


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