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Fire wipes out car along Santa Barbara waterfront

Teen escapes flames

Car Fire on Cabrillo Blvd

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A teenager escaped his car as it was starting to burn up this afternoon along the Santa Barbara waterfront.

The black BMW was on Cabrillo Blvd. when the problem began.

"I did see slight flames inside the crack where the steering wheel goes into the center console and I could peak in there. I saw smoke coming out and I saw a flame right in there," said Constantine Papazacharioudakis who jumped from the car.

He moved away from the burning vehicle as a Santa Barbara City Fire crew arrived and the air bag blew out.   "If it was going to explode, I was gonna be far away," said Papazacharioudakis. 

He was not hurt.

The fire was put out in minutes.

The damage extended from the interior of the car to the engine.

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