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Fire Training Taking Place in the Santa Barbara Hills

Tea Fire hills prove to be a challenging location to test

Fire Training in Santa Barbara Hills

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The Santa Barbara City Fire Department has been training this week in Parma Park, a location where the 2008 Tea Fire burned violently.

Some of the area was spared, leaving behind a mix of grass, trees, burnt stumps and risky remains for residents.

Firefighters simulated a situation with a blaze coming right at them.

"Fire!," was hollered by Captain Tony Pighetti. Then a crew of three ran up a hill to a clearing, pulled out individual fire safety tents and dove inside.

"When they were running up the hill they were thinking about it, they were talking  about where to go  even though we preplanned it," said Pighetti. "They communicated."   

Captain Gary Pitney said the location has many challenges, even though it went through a burn.

"There is quite a variety here. More tall and light fuels  since the last couple of years when there were fires here. Those burn hot and they burn fast," said Pitney.

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