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Fire and police pitch budgets

Community help is part of the big picture

SB Fire and Police Budget

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Santa Barbara City Fire and Police officials have come before the City Council to talk about their budgets in the coming years.  Both departments say they hope the public plays a bigger role in public safety.

Fire prevention and community oriented policing help to save lives and that's why it's part of the yearly work by both departments.

Fire Chief Pat McElroy did tell the council he has eight new firefighters ready to complete the academy this week.

He also said there will soon be a review of Station 8 costs at the airport in a joint meeting between the department and airport staff.

McElroy hopes to have a new station built in the foothills where Station 7 is located. He would like it to be a combination facility for both city fire and the U.S. Forest service engine.

The police department says it is adding new officers to replace those who are retiring.

Deputy Chief Frank Mannix says the department has adjusted its staff to meet new demands including efforts to combat the rising number of burglaries. 

In recent weeks Mannix says a team of four officers made 80 felony arrests.

City budgets need to be approved by July 1st.

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