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Filmmakers spotlight immigration issues in 'Salispuedes Street'

The feature length film will be released in 2018

Filmmakers spotlight immigration issues

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The people in the 'Salispuedes Street' film are actors, but the storyline is real. 

"If my parents were taken away, I would be devastated," said Anamaria Basave, a 13-year-old actress.

Basave plays 'America,' the youngest of three siblings left to fend for themselves after their parents are taken away by federal agents. 

The story takes place in Santa Barbara along Salsipuedes Street. The 21 day project is produced by Community Film Studio Santa Barbara. While this feature length film consists of a small team, they have a big ambition. 

"We have a small team, but every single person on this team is here for one reason. They love movies and they just want to be on a crew," said Dennis Sandoval, film director. 

The story was written by Santa Barbara resident Toby Campion back in 2013 before the last election and the uproar against illegal immigration

"It's just a matter of luck and timing, but what that does is really inspires people in our crew and me as a director to really get an objective voice out there to really be honest with ourselves... both sides the immigration side and the political side," said Sandoval. 

As Sandoval knows the film might not be relatable to everyone, but he hopes people can relate to family.

The crew expects to screen the film in mid-2018. The crew consists of all volunteers. If you'd like to help out, click here for more details.

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