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Film Festival Awards Get New Look

Each statue is dipped in gold, placed on marble base

Film Festival Awards Get New Look

MONTECITO, Calif. - Among the big draws of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival are the celebrity tributes and the awards celebrities receive.

This year, the statues have taken on a whole new look.

For the past four years, Daniel Gibbings has created the awards for the film festival and has pictures on his jewelry store wall to prove it.

"I loved meeting Daniel Day-Lewis. He's a real character and I love his work," he said.

But he can't choose a favorite.

"They're all special, you know?"

Gibbings is the official Santa Barbara International Film Festival designer and he takes pride in all of them.

"Most people really love it, because it's something different than they're used to," he said.

This year, the awards are getting a big change. Instead of different plaques for different events like in years past, they are all going to be the same.

"When you look at the award, you will instantly know that award represents the Santa Barbara Film Festival without even reading what's written underneath it," said Setenay Osman, the chief executive officer of Daniel Gibbings Jewelry.

A marble base will hold the statues which are plated with 24-karat gold and are inspired by the Arlington Theater tower, where many of the ceremonies are held.

All the awards are donated to the festival and are pricy.

"It's probably like five-plus," said Osman.

That's $5,000 per award.

Before the festival begins, the statues are kept in the jewelry store window on Coast Village Road in Montecito.

"So they're not hidden away somewhere. So they're seen, known and recognized," said Gibbings.

Gibbings and Osman deliver each award to the celebrity tributes.

"To have our awards for many years to come in all of the actors' hands and homes, I think it's very rewarding," said Osman.

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