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Fifth confirmed case of Zika infection in Santa Barbara County

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Four women and one man in Santa Barbara County have tested positive for Zika after traveling abroad.

Health officials are advising pregnant women or people interested in getting pregnant in the near future not to travel to places where Zika Virus is spreading locally. If the trip can't be avoided, then precautions need to take place.

"This is a sexually transmitted disease. So for international travel especially for pregnant women, people need to know that it's not just protecting themselves mosquito bites, it's being aware that their sexual partner may have or recently have been with Zika Virus," said Doctor Charity Dean, Santa Barbara County Public Health Department.

Mosquito and Vector Management of Santa Barbara County traps mosquitoes everyday and monitors the populations. So far, the mosquitoes capable of carrying Zika haven't been found in Santa Barbara County.

David Chang, Mosquito and Vector Management of Santa Barbara County's general manager, says Zika-carrying mosquitoes like to bite people during the day, which is unlike any other species.

Chang recommends cleaning out areas surrounding your home that can collect standing water in order to keep mosquito populations away.

To file a report, visit vector management's website.

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