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Fiesta photographer Fritz Olenberger donates work to Old Spanish Days

Photos on exhibit and for sale

Fritz Fiesta Photography

SANTA BARBARA,Calif. - Photographer Fritz Olenberger has put together an exhibit of Old Spanish Days pictures for the public to enjoy throughout this years Fiesta.

It's on display at Samy's Camera in Santa Barbara.

The colorful collection features both posed and action shots.

"I like to capture the action of the dancers. I like the swirling skirts.  The rodeo, I take pictures on Sunday when there is a lot of lighting and action there," said Olenberger.

"This is a hobby for me. It has been for some time," said Olenberger. "In my retirement I have more time to do it.  So I volunteer my time. In fact all of these prints I donated to Old Spanish Days."

They are for sale with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the Old Spanish Days budget.

The pictures will be in a special exhibit room at Samy's through Saturday.

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