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Fiesta Movie Featured Judy Garland in the 1930's

A slapstick cowboy comedy involved Old Spanish Days

La Fiesta de Santa Barbara Film

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. -  A click on YouTube and you can go back in time with Old Spanish Days, to scene played out by Hollywood actors.

One was a slapstick style western comedy.

Screen legend Judy Garland appeared with her sisters in the 1935 film, called "La Fiesta in Santa Barbara."

There were many other rising stars in the movie that was about 20 minutes long and aired before a feature film in the theaters.

"And it look like they used their "B list" and one of their back lots to film everything. They also used one of the local locations, El Paseo. Back in the 1930's in the El Paseo, which was the place to go," said Fiesta Historian Erin Graffy.


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