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Fiesta Cleanup Comes With Power Washing and Brooms - and it Still May Not be Enough

Thousands of confetti eggs leave behind a big colorful mess but it is all part of Old Spanish Days

Fiesta Clean Up is Underway

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Five days of Fiesta fun in Santa Barbara, which included thousands of festive confetti eggs smashing in all directions downtown, leaves behind quite a clean up scene.  That's what was taking place today.

As impacted as the area was,  there were also clean up projects daily, believe it or not.

At the CRSVR shoe boutique, Joaquin Garcia was sweeping the front of his store with one of the two brooms that had a weekend workout. "I  mean out here it gets pretty full of confetti because    the traffic here is insane. You go to Tonic here  you got Blush and they are bars. They get a lot of traffic, a lot of confetti," he said.

He didn't mind getting the confetti off the floor and out of the doorway because Old Spanish Days brought in a lot of customers over the weekend.  "As long as everyone is having fun it is a win win," said Garcia.  "They are having fun and we are getting sales.  It is  a good time."

Nearby Downtown Organization workers armed with power washers were blasting the bricks on the sidewalk.  Confetti was in the cracks and the weekend impacts also left behind other trash and stains.   Overall it was something that could be managed  without additional equipment.

It will take days to get all the confetti out of the area and usually longer to clean up the landscaping.

Nearby temporary high power lights were being taken away.  They lit up the area and helped to reduce safety issues.

De la Guerra Plaza was emptied out and the Fiesta food booths went back to storage. The drought dead grass was basically beaten down a little more and some areas were just dirt.

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