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Farmers, Ranchers Back to Business After Rains

Activity resumes in local fields and ranches after three days of rain.

SANTA MARIA VALLEY, Calif. - The first morning after the rains have passed and the wheels are well in motion in the Santa Maria Valley farm fields.

Crews are out providing fresh produce for shipment after several days of no work and badly needed rain.

"This is absolutely much needed rainfall in the area, and we're very glad to have it", says Clair Wineman with the Central Coast Grower Shipper Association.

Central Coast agriculture got what it wanted, rainfaill, however its not enough, at least as far was what's really needed.

Cattle ranchers are catching a badly needed break with the rain sprouting grasses for herds to graze on.

Meantime, local farmers are not reporting significant crop loss from the recent wet weather.

"Where it really makes a difference is when you are getting a late rain or in particular a late freeze", Wineman says, "that can be very damaging, that really affects across the industry in terms of production."

Unpicked ripened strawberries are likely to be the biggest crop loss from the recent rains on the Central Coast.

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