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Far Western Tavern Scheduled to Reopen This Week

ORCUTT, Calif. - The Far Western Tavern is scheduled to reopen this week, after a kitchen fire forced the popular restaurant to close more than a week ago.

"We heard a boom and we didn't see any fire, then the smoke started to come down," explained Benjamin Chanler-Laurin.

Manager Benjamin Chanler-Laurin talks about the kitchen fire that could have been a lot worse. Fortunately, for him and other Far Western Tavern employees and customers, everyone escaped quickly.

"No structural damage, no nothing. Great blessing," said Chanler-Laurin.

The fire started above the grill pit in the heat duct on Sunday, December 29.

"You have to go through the natural process of reopening, health department, building services and so on. We did and we passed," explained Chanler-Laurin.

Come Friday, the bar will be back open with a limited food menu, followed by brunch and dinner on the weekend. The manager says by Saturday, 90 percent of the menu will be back.

"We have lost our fire pit in the process. For a short period of time, we will still be cooking Far Western style, pretty much all our menu items," said Chanler-Laurin.

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