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Far West Gun & Supply owner speaks to NewsChannel 3 about break-in

Nothing taken in gun shop break-in, security system credited

Far West Gun & Supply owner talks about break-in

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - After hours of watching and waiting, the Santa Barbara Police Department S.W.A.T team cleared Far West Gun & Supply on State Street in Santa Barbara.

Alarms at the shop notified authorities of a break-in early Thursday morning.

Police believed one or more suspects was inside the store and closed several city blocks while S.W.A.T cleared the building. A hole in the ceiling with roof access is believed to be the entry point. No suspects were found and police don't believe anyone actually made it inside. 

Jerry Payne owns the store and says the security system he has in place did the job.

"I have a very good security system," Payne said. "That has actually prevented any theft at all today, so it did a good job for me."

Payne and his staff spent the afternoon going through inventory, making sure every gun was accounted for. And they were.

Repairs have been made to the roof and the hole in the shops ceiling. Far West Gun & Supply will be back open for business Friday.

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