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Eyewitnesses See Triple Fatal Crash from Roadside Camp

Homeless couple saw rollover, second crash, and rescue efforts

Witnesses to Fatal Crash

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A homeless couple watching the freeway from their campsite in Santa Barbara this morning, witnessed the triple fatal accident that took the lives of two teens and a young man.

"I could see it through the sillhouette in the dark, and it went boom, bam, boom, bam," said Misty Adamsey while siting with her longtime companion "Cook."  She described the rollover with her finger in the air going around and around.

The two have been in Santa Barbara a week, after a three year journey from Alaska.

Their spot for the night was near the railroad tracks and the Highway 101 on ramp at Castillo St.  That's where they heard a car slam the guardrail  near them at 12:45 a.m. 

After the Mazda sedan driven by Erick August of Los Angeles came to a rest upside down by the center divider, Adamsey said just a couple of seconds later the white Mustang driven by Kimberly Kreis plowed into the accident scene.

"There was another screeching of tires right behind it. I thought oh my God we're gonna have another wreck, here comes another one. Then there was smoke and he must have veered off that way," said Adamsey as she gestured away from the crash scene. 

Several vehicles stopped, and people tried to render aid.

Adamsey said her cell phone was out of usable minutes and she was unable to call 911 but saw many others urgently dialing.

She then saw Kreis, the driver of the Mustang squeeze out of her smashed car, wander to the guard rail and hold her head.  Kreis was detained by the California Highway Patrol officer at the scene,  arrested for  DUI and booked into the Santa Barbara County jail.

The CHP says two 17-year old girls, Danielle Murillo and Jessica Leffew from Torrance along with Brian Lopez, a 20-year old man from Los Angeles,  died at the crash scene.  The driver of the Mazda, August, was hospitalized with major injuries.

Adamsey and Cook, were still at their campsite 12 hours later when the last piece of the crash scene was cleaned up and the freeway was reopened.

They followed the events as they unfolded in front of them, and also on a small hand cranked radio they use on the road for news and weather updates.

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