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Eyewitness to Amtrak Bus Accident Shares Story

Eyewitness to Amtrak Bus Accident Shares Story

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - On Valentine's Day Friday, two passengers jumped into action when the driver of their Amtrak bus suffered an apparent heart attack.

Eyewitness Eulogio Espinoza of Santa Maria recalled the tragic experience.

"They were trying to revive him," Espinoza said, as he described a scene he said he may never forget. The Santa Maria resident was making a trip to Fresno to visit friends.

"For a moment I though a car hit us," he said. Passengers were in a bus traveling northbound on highway 101 at the Santa Maria River Bridge. Espinoza added, "We didn't know what was going on.The bus stopped and we realized the driver was literally unconscious."

Espinoza said  "I remember the girl just shouting grab the wheel and two girls acted fast in getting the wheel of the bus." The bus hit the center divider but those two passengers were able to bring the bus to a safe stop.

"I'm thankful for those two young ladies that acted fast." Espinoza said the damage to the bus was minimal but he will never forget the scene of California Highway Patrol officials working to revive the victim.

"It was scary to see someone pass away."

CHP officials said the driver was a 42-year-old Los Osos man.

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