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Extra search dogs have been in the area where Montecito missing children might be

New crews have been rotated in

Montecito creek below Highway 192 is a focus area for searchers looking for two missing children. (John Palminteri/KEYT photo)
MONTECITO, Calif. - The search continues for the two persons missing in the Montecito mudflow disaster. They are 16-year old Jack Cantin and 2-year old Lydia Sutthithepa.

The Santa Barbara County Search and Rescue Team along with out of the area mutual aid crews are keeping fresh dogs on the hunt for a scent that might still be in the area where the kids are missing.


"We spent two days concentrating on this drainage from Highway 192 through Olive Mill and Hot Springs and down to the ocean," said Nelson Trichler with Search and Rescue.  "We segmented 14 different zones."

Each time a dog alerts a handler to a scent, crews will carefully clear the area, additional  search dogs will go to reverify a site. Then workers will start carefully clearing back the mud hoping to find a victim.
Below the railroad tracks there were significant areas with mud near the Biltmore Hotel and Bonnymede housing.
"It's a different environment when thing dry out, " said Trichler.  "Now we have a run of dry weather and this mud has been able to dry out which allows the mud to crack which allows any smells that were trapped by it to percolate back up to the atmosphere."
A map from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department shows one of the victims in this mudflow ended up at Butterfly Beach. Several were no the ocean side of Coast Village Road.




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