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Extra Police in Isla Vista, Some From Out of the Area

Stepped up patrols, restore a sense of security and calm

Extra Police in Isla Vista

ISAL VISTA, Calif. - Law enforcement has had a noticeably increased presence this week in Isla Vista that is aimed at restoring a sense of security and calm to the troubled community after the mass murders last Friday.

"I think it is helpful that there is extra security right now because everybody is shaken up. The support everyone has for each other is huge. When fear shakes you up, praying is the hugest part, because  we are out of control," said resident Kristin Byrne.

Isla Vista has a combination of law enforcement agencies including the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department  the UC Santa Barbara Police, and at times the California Highway Patrol.

These days residents are seeing campus police cars from UCLA and UC Irvine in a mutual aid agreement to help with public safety.

The  backup increases the protection, increases the sense of security and likely reduces the crime rate.

"It's really awesome to see how everyone's come together despite everything. It's really nice to see people come together. There's chalk messages on the ground with prayers and bible quotes and it's really cool to see," said former student Mary Leahy.

The streets of Isla Vista are also quieter.  It's believed to be in part because of the shooting and stabbing tragedy, but also, many Santa Barbara City College students who live in the area are gone for the summer.   Their school year ended last week. UCSB will end it's school year in mid June.

And the difference has been noticed on every street in the normally bustling community.  "I would say a lot different. People's priorities are definitely different right now," said Byrne.

Many of the additional mobile units are staffed with two or three officers.
The stepped up enforcement is expected to be present in I.V. at least through the weekend.

(video will be posted following the 11 p.m. news  - JP)

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