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Extensive Investigation into Triple Fatal Accident

Exact Cause of Death Still Undetermined

Santa Barbara Fatal Accident Folo

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - An extensive investigation is underway to determine the cause of death in a triple fatal rollover accident Monday morning in Santa Barbara.

More than ten California Highway Patrol officers, some with special expertise in major crash scenes, are going over all aspects of the crash.

The two vehicles involved will have a mechanical investigation Wednesday morning.

Autopsy's on the victims have taken place by the Santa Barbara County Coroners office.

Two 17-year old girls, and a 20-year old man died at the scene.  They were in a vehicle that crashed in a rollover accident, and then, moments later it was hit by another car.  That vehicle was driven by 52-year old Kimberly Kreis who was arrested at the scene for DUI.  Her blood alcohol level has not been released.

Kreis was booked into Santa Barbara County jail, posted $100,000 bail and has been released.

Another 20-year old, who survived the crash has been hospitalized with major injuries.

Manuel Murillo, the father of one of the deceased said, the group of young adults had reportedly been at a concert in Santa Maria.

The cause of the rollover accident has not been determined.

The accident forced a freeway closure for 12 hours. Thousands of vehicles were rerouted.

A memorial for the two teenage girls from North Torrance High will be held Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. at their school.

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