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Exchange Program connects community to natural resources from Montecito mudflow

MONTECITO, Calif. - The Santa Barbara County Public Works Department has launched their Materials Exchange Program to provide the community with a new tool to help share the natural resources like mud and boulders to those who need it.

Homeowners in Montecito are responsible for getting rid of the mountains of mud and piles of rocks on their property. That can become costly.

The Material Exchange Program gives residents the opportunity to use a website to share materials they don’t want. Others can log on to find items they might be interested in.

“For example, if a property during the mud/debris flow removed all their soil, people might want the additional soil so they can help rebuild their home,” said Leslie Wells, the Collection and Materials Manger at Santa Barbara County Public Works.
Many people up and down the coast have also shown interest in the boulders lying all over Montecito.

“The site is designed specifically for materials related to the debris flow, but people interested in receiving these materials and live outside of the Montecito community are more than welcome too,” said Wells. “Anyone can post that they are interested in receiving those materials and as we know we all love those sandstone rocks so that should be something that is in high demand.”

While this exchange program gives the community a chance to share natural resources, the only cost is for moving it.

“This debris is not hazardous so it does not need to go into a landfill,” said Wells.

Public Works reviews and approves all posts before it goes live online to the public. If interested the public can log on at

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