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Evidence of Violent Rape Found On UCSB Campus

Incident linked to weekend gang rape of student

Evidence of Violent Rape Found On UCSB Campus

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Search and Rescue team has uncovered evidence linked to a violent rape that occurred early Sunday morning, on the campus of University of California Santa Barbara.

Initially, authorities believed the gang rape happened in nearby Isla Vista. However, a crime scene was being investigated on the edge of campus late Wednesday morning.

UCSB Police Sgt. Rob Romero said investigators found a personal item belonging to the 19-year-old victim in a secluded area of campus but would not divulge what was found. They also found items that may belong to the rapists.

Sheriff's officials said at least three attackers were involved. They have only been described by the female victim as Asian men.

Another gang rape in Isla Vista last month led to three arrests.

Campus police said they plan to install more lights and cameras on campus to increase safety.

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