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Evictions on the rise in Santa Barbara Neighborhoods

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Rent prices are up in Santa Barbara and so are the number of people getting eviction notices in the city's East and West Side neighborhoods.

"The average cost of a two bedroom apartment in Santa Barbara is $2400.00. So for the average income for a family, you're talking about 46% of their income," said Frank Rodriguez, Santa Barbara organizer for Central Coast Alliance for a Sustainable Economy, also known as CAUSE.

The non-profit organization rallied at De la Guerra Plaza in Downtown Santa Barbara on Thursday evening. The rally marked National Renter Day of Action and to announce a campaign to pass a Tenants Rights Ordinance in Santa Barbara.

CAUSE is working to raise awareness and support in order to bring the problem to Santa Barbara City Council. Representatives for the organization says there are unjust evictions happening in the city.

CAUSE says the ordinance will end unjust no-fault evictions, protect vulnerable communities, and require landlords to inform tenants their rights.