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Emergency planning reviewed

City planners get an update, but many residents unprepared

Emergency Preparedness

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Santa Barbara City Planning Commissioners have been given an update on emergency preparations but some residents say their personal plans are inadequate if the next "big one" hits anytime soon.

The special update came with a list of questions from planners about coordinating the efforts of city workers, and out of the area resources that would be necessary in a major catastrophe such as a powerful earthquake.

Public information through social media, newspapers and the electronic press is also a vital component.  The city issues information over several formats in both English and Spanish.

Some residents in Santa Barbara however, say they aren't as prepared as city officials would like them to be.  Among the issues are, inadequate personal food and water supplies, and confusion as to where to get information.

In recent years, neighbors are banding together with emails and a phone list to help each other block by block, when a major incident occurs.

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