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Drought Tolerant Spring Gardening Options

Nurseries respond to growing concern about water and Spring planting.

ORCUTT, Calif. - "The succulent plants have started to become really popular", says Ingrid Kaper who's worked at the Whispering Tree Nursery in Old Town Orcutt for 20 years.

Kaper says taking care of landscaping you have in your home now requires careful attention and possible re-planting..

Kaper says she's getting lots of questions from customers about water and the drought.

"We try to highlight water saving plants", Kaper says, "we have lots of native plants, we carry lots of Mediterranean-type plants that will do well in our dryer climates."

Re-planting with drought tolerant landscaping may not solve the drought crisis but it will definitely save you money in the interim.

Landscape irrigation makes up more than one-third of most residential water uses per month in California.


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