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Drop in drought status comes as big relief for property owners with crops

'So, the worst is behind us"

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - The latest drought update is great new to locals with crops on their property.

Jill Crang and her family have two acres of land in the Santa Barbara foothills, dotted with citrus trees and avocado groves.

Crang said they've taken care to adjust their watering during nearly six years of drought and this recent news lifts an extra burden for the family.

"Relief," Crang told NewsChannel 3. "Huge relief because I'm just glad there are forecasters out there that can tell us what's going on so I know I have to worry a little bit less, less water rates and maybe less watering and less money. So, the worst is behind us."

By the way, if you enjoy limes at your local Mexican food restaurants, there's a good chance it came from the Crang's trees. She said they and the previous owners have had an agreement for some 15 years with a local picker, who is free to pull from their trees year-round.

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