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Driver Loses Consciousness And Plows Into Home

Damaged Hydrant Sprays Massive Geyser

Driver Loses Consciousness And Plows Into Home

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A dramatic scene on the Santa Barbara Mesa Tuesday when a driver lost control of his SUV and slammed into a home.

It happened early in the afternoon on the 300 block of Oliver Road, right off Cliff Drive.

The SUV sheared off a fire hydrant first before hitting the home. Luckily, the woman inside that house was in another room and was not hurt.

The driver told police the last thing he remembered was leaving the grocery store.

"He shared with us he had a similar incident yesterday at home and lost consciousness," said Santa Barbara police officer Ralph Molina. "So it does appear to be a medical issue."

The driver was hurt, but only minor injuries.

That sheared-off hyrdrant gushed a huge geyser for nearly ten minutes before crews could shut it off.

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