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D'Penguineers show off robot at open house

High school engineering students demonstrated hand-built robot

D'Penguineers show off robot at open house

GOLETA, Calif. - The Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy opened its doors to the public Saturday.

The D'Penguineers of Dos Pueblos High School showed crowds of people what they've been up to all year and of course, demonstrated what their robots can do.

After winning competitions in Long Beach and Las Vegas, Team 17-17 went to the world championship in St. Louis.

Although they didn't win that one, the students didn't come home empty-handed.

"We got an Innovation and Control Award sponsored by Rockwell and that was a really prestigious honor," said Caroline Whelan, an engineering student.

"It feels pretty good. It was totally worth it to put in all the time and effort to achieve what we achieved. We all learned a lot and we had a lot of fun doing it," said Ryan Bramsen, an engineering student.

The Innovation and Control Award was just one of five awards the 400 teams were vying for.

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