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Double Dolphin Catamaran Gets Stuck in Harbor Entrance

Passengers Taken Off By Harbor Patrol After More Than An Hour

Double Dolphin Catamaran Gets Stuck in Harbor Entrance

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol assisted the crew and passengers on the Double Dolphin catamaran after it got stuck on a sand bar in the mouth of the Santa Barbra Harbor.

The vessel was heading out of the harbor about 10 a.m when it could not get through the very narrow opening that remains after last weekend's storm. The ocean surge threw mounds of sand into the harbor entrance, causing grief for many commercial and recreational boat owners. 

The Double Dolphin was stuck for about an hour and a half before Harbor Patrol helped passengers off of the vessel. Relieving some of the weight, the catamaran was able to inch off of the sandbar and return back to its slip in the harbor.

Some have tried to go in and out at high tide, and at times, have used the Harbor Patrol for an escort.

This incident is the second time this week the Double Dolphin has been in jeopardy. Tuesday morning a transient boarded the vessel and untied the ropes. 

It drifted from its dock at the Santa Barbara Sailing Center across the harbor to Marina One before the Harbor Patrol boarded it and arrested 21-year-old Phillip Conway for grand theft and felony vandalism.

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