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Doctors Discuss Community Immunity

Symposium attracts few critics

Vaccination mandate stirs controversy

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - While hundreds of people protested a Senate Bill mandating vaccines in Sacramento, only a few picketed a vaccination symposium in Santa Barbara on Thursday night.

Critics compared a suggested mandate to Nazi-era experiments on concentration camp prisoners.

The parent of a teen who has not been vaccinated said she blames mercury in vaccines for making her sick well into adulthood.

But panelists on the "Strive for 95" symposium said vaccinations are safe.

They said the science does not link them to autism.

Dr. Kurt Ransohoff of the Sansum Clinic said a 95 percent immunity rate will protect the people in the community that have weakened immune systems such as cancer patients.

Dr. Charity Dean said a bill proposed in Sacramento is expected to be amended to allow more exemptions.

Doctors credit the Disneyland outbreak for raising awareness of the dangers to the entire community from people who don't get their children vaccinated.

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