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Discussions Reignited for Possible Lompoc Space Center

A space center like Cape Canaveral could come to the Central Coast

LOMPOC, Calif. - The Atlas missile might not have been launched but Friday morning emotions were ignited in discussions of Lompoc's potential space center - a project that supporters say would attract thousands of people to the city.

"Well in this case it would be the first time doing it and many times when it is the first time doing something, it can be a little more complicated than need be," says Lompoc City Council Member, Jim Mosby.

No one knows that struggle more than Eva Blaisdell, CEO and investor in the California Space Program whose request to bring the project to Lompoc was denied last year. 

[I was] shocked and upset [when it got denied] because I sold the quality of the city management team; I told my corporate partners that we will be treated fairly and it makes sense for them to do something they were not originally interested in - which is engage in a business relationship with the city of Lompoc," Blaisdell explains.

Lompoc Mayor Bob Lingl says Blaisdell didn't provide enough evidence her plan would actually work telling us: "They could not meet any milestones so we said okay-  if you're not able to do it.. we've given you every opportunity in the world."

This decision lead some in Lompoc to believe the city wasn't interested in project but Lingl says that's not true. "If they come to us any time with the ability to build it and financial backing - we'll sign the papers right here on this desk - we'd be glad to do it," Lingl explains.

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