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Direct Relief Welcomes Visitor From Chile On Heels Of Quake

Fedes Foundation President came to say thanks in person

Direct Relief Gets Visit From Chilean Partner

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - As Direct Relief started packing boxes to help Chile following its latest large quake a visitor from Chile paid a visit.

Steve Colon Santos flew to California from Santiago to express his feelings for the nonprofit that has helped his foundation called Fedes.

Santo survived the 2010 earthquake and tsunami that devastated his county.

He called home Tuesday to find out what happened following Tuesday 8.2 magnitude quake, He said 15-40 smaller quakes earlier in the day made residents prepare for a larger one.  He said more people might have died if they hadn't felt those.  Six people are confirmed dead and thousands of homes have been destroyed or damages.

Santos said Direct Relief often send humanitarian supplies to help the poorest of the poor.  He said Chile may act like a rich country but there are extremely poor areas in need of help all year.

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